Friday, 21 December 2012

Alvin & Yuki Saga

I have been following the recent saga of a real-life drama (Not that I am a no-lifer, but this saga has been brewing ever since it was reported in the news.)

It is not uncommon to watch movies or drama serials that involve a "love triangle". But damn, this is reality. 
It is astonishing how Yuki managed to gather so many supporters on her page within such a short time span that resulted in an influx of  both positive and negative comments.

If you are one who have not heard about the saga, here is the link:

Alternatively, you can choose to read this - proudly brought to you by the hardworking peeps at HardwareZone:

Credits : (Yuki & Alvin on the left, and blogger Zoe Raymond on the right.)

It's quite a long read, but a very detailed one.
(Somehow it's funny how Yuki, the creator of the page, had make everything sound like a drama. She even split and named her "stories" as "episodes".)

The summary of the whole saga:

1) Girl and Guy about to get married.
2) Guy cancelled the wedding just two months before the big day due to a clingy 3rd party.
3) Girl was devastated and attempted suicide. (but wasn't successful, thank God.)
4) Guy admitted that he doesn't love the Girl he was about to marry anymore.

... Drama right??? =_="

However, IF what Yuki wrote on the page were true, then the 3rd party indeed did make a wrong move. I mean, why in the world would you want to be involved with an about-to-get-married man - unless you are planning to bear the risk of ruining the marriage?
(It's time to put your common sense to good use, lady!)

Yes, love is selfish.
 But one should know its limits and NOT cross the border - which apparently (and unfortunately), the 3rd party did.

But that doesn't mean that the guy isn't in the wrong too. (It seems that many are pushing the fault to the girl alone and NOT the guy.)
*IF* the guy is faithful, will he succumb to the temptation of other girls?
Will HE even agree to meet other girls and take a step further into their friendship?
There is always a common and most-used line when it comes to the relationship being exposed.

"Oh, we are just ordinary friends. Don't think too much!"

Sounds familiar? 

Come on, how "ordinary"is ordinary? Define that.

As much as love is a selfish one, the ball still lies in your court. It is up to you whether you would give in to your temptation.
In other words, it's YOUR choice.

I know because there WERE married men who talked to me in a way that made me feel uncomfortable. I remembered there was even one who told me that he would woo me if he wasn't married. (Yes, he was married with a kid!)

Of course, if I had any means to wreck his marriage - I could.
How would you feel if you are his wife?
But I backed off after I felt that something was not right - and stopped contact altogether.
There were other personal stories - but I guess I shan't reveal too much details here since they were already a part of history. (and this entry is not about me. Haha)

No matter what, I believe this saga is going to end soon... somehow. There is no point in debating who is in the right or wrong anymore.

P/S: Wow, I wasn't aware that I had actually met both Alvin and ZR before during one of our blogger events - until somebody mentioned in Facebook that it was indeed them in the photo:

Can you spot them??


  1. Here is another "dramatic" one for real. Happened to my cousin.

    Got their new flat house keys.
    Guy went to China for work purpose. Met up a China girl. Guy exchange letters with the girl. Fell in love with the girl.
    My cousin found out about the letters. The guy break the news and broke up with my cousin. Say he wants to be with the China girl.

    The China girl is married to another guy.

    Current status of the guy with this China girl is unknown as my cousin din bother to stay contact with this unfaithful jerk.


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